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About EyeGuardian

Guarding your family against exposure to
inappropriate content such as nudity and sexting.

EyeGuardian's purpose is to allow everyone to enjoy the social networking benefits of Facebook without being hit by the Internet's darker side.

First and foremost, we are parents too. We understand firsthand the increasing dangers of any child using Facebook. As parents, we wanted a way to know if our children were sending or receiving unsafe images, messages or friend invitations. We also wanted to know if they were spending too much time playing games on Facebook instead of doing homework or going to bed.

As a result, we envisioned a way to allow all parents to help their children be better protected from everything from Internet Porn, Sexting, Bad Influences, Cyberbullying and potential predators. With 87% of everyone online also using Facebook, when your child uses Facebook, along with his/her peers, he/she gets exposed to everything out there – the good, bad and the ugly.

EyeGuardian's ImageWatch™ Technology Actually Understands if a Photo or Video Contains Nudity.

Our proprietary technology allows EyeGuarding to alerts its users to inappropriate images on Facebook through a variety of doorways:

  • Posts by others to your "wall"
  • Tagged Images
  • Photo Albums
  • User Posts

In addition, EyeGuardian alerts you to other threats from Facebook, including:

  • Drug language and foul language
  • Suspect individuals attempting to befriend your child
  • Excessive time spent on Facebook's many Apps and Games
EyeGuardian Dashboard for Facebook Tracking of Photos, Messaging, Porn, Sexting and Privacy

EyeGuardian's watchful eyes exists on the cloud, so you can access it from any Internet-connected device (PC, Laptop, SmartPhone, Tablet, etc.).

Our software's Dashboard gives you a meaningful and easy-to-understand overview of the threats to your child's Facebook Profile. Your Dashboard then takes you to report pages detailing threats from photos, videos, messages, and more.

Together, these advantages makes EyeGuardian both the smartest and most comprehensive solution to safe social surfing. We're proud to say we've made the best way to keep our own children safe on Facebook and we welcome the opportunity sharing it with you and your family.

Enjoy a free, one-time trial scan of your child's Facebook photos here or simply buy EyeGuardian today.

EyeGuardian is a product of ImageVision, serving individuals and businesses alike with visual recognition and image filtering technology.

Anna, TX

email: info@imagevisionlabs.com