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EyeGuardian For Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site for all ages and it rivals Google itself for the number one website visits daily.

EyeGuardian is online software designed to protect your children’s Facebook accounts from a variety of common threats so you can enjoy social networking safely.

EyeGuardian is designed to make it easy for you to monitor one or more Facebook profiles for inappropriate content.

The most amazing part of EyeGuardian’s many features is our ability to quickly scan all images and videos for nudity that are connected to your Facebook profile in any way.

This includes images posted by you, your friends, friends of friends or someone hacking your Facebook account and pretending to be you.

This is part of our service to protect your profile and reputation from all forms of pornography and sexting. We are the only solution to detect and alert you to images that contain nudity.

EyeGuardian also puts a helpful and watchful eye on bad language in messages and comments.

Our software shows you where each instance of suspect content is so you can either mark that content safe or remove it from your child's Facebook profile yourself.

Designed for individuals or families, EyeGuardian also watches Facebook profiles for excessive time spent on Facebook’s many addictive games and apps.

But the most important aspect of protecting your profile is that EyeGuardian looks out for your privacy with our ProfileWatch feature so you don’t leak sensitive information into a stranger’s hands.

It does not stop there, we go beyond your profile to automatically alert you to friends on Facebook that are suspect – either by not being connected to many of your other friends or by being significantly different in age.

What makes all these features so easy and useful in social networking is that EyeGuardian can send you email and SMS text alerts, notifying you when something suspect appears in your account!

We invite you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from protecting yourself and your loved ones from Facebook’s many dangers.

All of these features in a friendly interface that makes the safekeeping of your Facebook profile a snap. Our three affordable pricing plans protect you for a full year and can be upgraded to include protection of more Facebook profiles at any time.

Let EyeGuardian be your ever-watchful eyes protecting your online reputation and privacy. After all, what is your safety and reputation worth?

We invite you to try or buy EyeGuardian today.

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