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Facebook Parental Control

Designed By Parents For Parents

Parents are recognizing the need for parental control over what their teens and tweens are doing online - particularly on social media and Facebook.

The massive draw to Facebook is the longing to feel connected and in-the-know with your social circle. And kids are getting Facebook accounts as young as possible – making for a dangerous combination of puberty and naiveté.

Polls show that teens and tweens value access to Facebook even more than dating itself. Why not, when 200 "friends" can "listen" to what you have to express and share their support - any time of day or night.

But Facebook also opens the door to critical and abusive comments, including cyberbullying on Facebook. Your teen’s Facebook account also opens the doors to posers and strangers trying to be a "friend" to your teen for a variety of motives, and many of them are not honorable (more on that in a moment).

With an EyeGuardian account, their activity is available to you at home or at work -- anywhere you are online -- and by connecting your child or children's Facebook profiles, you can easily address the issues that EyeGuardian automatically flags and alerts you (by emails or SMS texts).

EyeGuardian’s parental control lets you monitor both what comes in and goes out. Understand that damaging material on your child's Facebook wall does not have to come from them; it can come from friends and "friends-of-friends" who post crude material, nude photos and abusive taunts.

As a parent, you want to know not only what your own child is doing on Facebook, but be alerted if any of their friends are interacting with your child in crude or abusive ways.

That is why EyeGuardian is designed by parents for parents and handles all the parental control aspects you want to address regarding Facebook:

Image WatchInappropriate photos and Sexts: whether posted, sent or tagged connecting your child to them. It does the same for Videos too! In fact, we are the only parental control solution that actually analyzes the photo/video itself to know if it is pornographic.

Message WatchDirty language or drug language in Messages: sent or received. Scan just for bad language or track specific conversations.

Another big issue is online privacy. You want to know if any personal information on your child is revealed - knowingly or unknowingly. Also your child's posts may be going beyond direct friends to many strangers that can use this day-to-day information to "know" them well enough to coax an innocent-seeming meeting in person outside of Facebook. If you watch the news, you know this predatory behavior has created many Facebook victims.

Friend WatchFriend Watch checks for strangers and for those profiles that are much older than your teen trying to be their friend.

Right along with that is EyeGuardian's privacy protection ability to monitor your reputation, because that is what all these things add up to. These days, even colleges look at prospective student’s Facebook history to get an idea of their character and suitability for admissions.

Not only does EyeGuardian protect from these and other Facebook dangers, our cutting-edge image analysis ability makes us the best parental control from Facebook by far.

The reputation and safety of your child is worth using a tool that lets you protect them without violating their privacy.

So we invite you to sign up today and take advantage of these and other EyeGuardian parental control features.