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Protect Your Online Reputation

Whether you are a business person, parent, or student, your social reputation is very important -- it often makes the first and lasting impression of how people view you. Even kids are often judged by other kids from what comes up online regarding them. Nowhere is this more true than the world’s most popular social networking site – Facebook.

Here's How We Protect You
EyeGuardian's revolutionary technology actually looks at and understands the content of photos and video to quickly point out what probably is damaging your reputation -- be it at work, school or among your peers. Our service alerts you to material you might want to delete.

Because social media allows both professional and friendly interaction, your peers may send you material (photos, text, jokes, etc.) that are not appropriate for your social network (friends and family) to see.

You want an easy and quick way to monitor your social reputation through:

  • The photos and videos posted on your Facebook page by friends and peers
  • All text references in posts, private messages, etc.
  • What might not be safe to post on your profile
  • Friends who might not be who they appear to be

Sometimes it (the bad stuff) is meant as a joke, sometimes it is out and out mean-spirited and sometimes others try to connect with you online to a scam or abuse (take advantage of) you. Whatever their intentions, we alert you to photo and video imagery that is inappropriate so you can take the right action for yourself, and your family.

So let us help you take these potential threats seriously, using our simple software that works like "watchful eyes" protecting your reputation.

Protect Your Child’s Reputation
Students and kids interact online more and more for school and for fun. But sites like Facebook can unfortunately also be doorways to bullying and sexual predators. This threat is growing and the need for a Facebook filtering software that can analyze photo and video content is needed.

EyeGuardian for Individuals & Professionals
People are getting fired more and more often for inappropriate texts, photos and social content. You want to know right away if crude material or content that violates your company's policies is getting attached to your name and reputation online. You owe it to yourself to protect your social reputation, which could effect your career, with our EyeGuardian service.

Let Us be Your Eyes, Looking Out for Your Reputation

That is why the EyeGuardian service features a Dashboard and ProfileWatch. Not everyone is who they appear to be online so we help good parents do their job - even getting email and text alerts - so any potential problems can be nipped in the bud and social reputations can be kept clean.