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The Dangers of Sexting

Protect you and your children against
participating in child pornography.

Sexting is the practice, popular among teens, to take photos of themselves in various states of undress (often with their cell phone camera) and send it to others. While the reasons for sexting can vary (peer pressure, boredom, a joke, seeking popularity, imitating celebrities behaving badly, or outright sexual solicitation), sexting is far from harmless.

EyeGuardian detects sexting images and text posted to Facebook.

Underage nudity constitutes child pornography and not only is sending it illegal, but simply having it on your computer, cell phone or online account constitutes harboring and distributing child pornography. This is what happens when today's technology lacks parental intervention. Sexting can vary from an SMS text message of a sexual nature sent from cell phone to cell phone, to naked photos and even pornographic videos.

SextingThe epidemic of Sexting is so pervasive among teens, and is now being imitated by pre-teens, that finally not only are parents appalled, but the legal system can no longer ignore it. Far from innocent flirting online, under existing laws, courts are now prosecuting teens as felons. Underage nudity has always been illegal, but now additional laws are being written and enforced to specifically target the crime of sexting. Sext photos teens take of themselves undressed are commonly making their way from their cell phones to their Facebook accounts. Even if your child didn’t take the photo, if they just pass it along, it is criminal. This presents the very real danger of trashing the reputations of all involved as well as discipline and criminal charges from school, city and federal authorities.

Protect yourself and your children with EyeGuardian™ today. EyeGuardian is a product of ImageVision, serving individuals and businesses alike with visual recognition and image filtering technology.

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