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What Makes Us Safer

We see everywhere from tragic news headlines how crucial it is to protect sensitive information as well as reputations online – especially when social networking!

EyeGuardian offers the safest and most-effective way to monitor your own as well as your child’s Facebook account for threats and inappropriate content. Here’s why:

We detect nudity. That’s right, the artificial intelligence built into EyeGuardian goes where no other goes – to analyze the actual content of photos and videos on Facebook – alerting you to obscenity, sexting and more.

All other so-called social media protection software is forced to make guesses merely from the text associated with an image -- such as the file name and comments surrounding it. Actually, they are running blind.

But what if a classmate posts a photo holding a sign with derogatory language on it. Who detected that text? Of what if your child is tagged in an obscene photo that has nothing to do with him/her?

We are called EyeGuardian because our watchful eyes protect Facebook accounts from all these threats. We provide the only means of watching all facets of Facebook content to protect reputations from everything ranging from embarrassment to severe repercussions.

EyeGuardian’s protection is unmatched because we are experts at catching the visual content no one else can. As Facebook becomes more and more visual, more online interaction is through posted videos and photos from cell phones that get passed around faster than ever before. This unwanted content can appear on your wall, in your photo albums, attached to messages and so forth.

You need a watchful set of eyes that alert you to, not just questionable language, but the actual photos and videos that could damage your reputation or get you in trouble. Don’t let a risqué or pornographic images hurt you or your child. Don't unwittingly give strangers access to personal information.

EyeGuardian gives you a friendly visual interface that lets you manage inappropriate content over multiple Facebook profiles. We’re here to make social networking safer than ever before. Thanks for trusting you and your family’s Facebook profile to EyeGuardian.

Together, these advantages makes EyeGuardian both the smartest and most comprehensive solution to safe social surfing. We’re proud to say we’ve made the best way to keep our own children safe on Facebook and we welcome the opportunity sharing it with you and your family.