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I Took The Lollipop!!!!

  Sometimes we learn the hard way about how some things may work. For instance, learning that hot is actually physically hot and cold is physical cold. The learning involves a sensory association to digest completely. But, what do we do to help others understand things that aren’t so tangible? For instance, telling small children [...]

Be Proud of Your Page

I had the honor of speaking at the North Texas Youth Connection Diversity Conference yesterday, October 27, 2011, where over 200 students (tweens and teens) participated in activities and seminars about bullying. A very diverse group that was full of energy they were but also full of knowledge about social networking and cyberbullying. A simple [...]

Hypothetically Cyberbullied With Very Familiar Scenarios….

As the developers of EyeGuardian for Facebook, we have already alerted parents to the worst of the worst content on Facebook. Available for parents only a month, the emails calls and letters just keep coming in thanking us for our contribution to keeping children safe on the most popular of social networking sites. Thankful for [...]

A View into the Many Sides of Cyberbullying

I am hoping that everyone watched and learned about cyberbullying on Friday evening. I think a lot can be learned from listening to the children interviewed and the parents that are picking up the pieces after losing their children to “cybercide” a term used to define a suicide that was related to cyberbullying. It was [...]

EyeGuardian on the air with Todd Porter – WHBC in Ohio

Todd and listeners of WHBC in Ohio, thank you for having me on this morning.  Always great to talk about EyeGuardian and to help educate parents about cyberbullying and how it is affecting kids. A few interesting statistics: The word cyberbullying was added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in August, 2011. Cyberbullying (noun): The use of [...]

Bullying – Words Can Kill by CBS 48hrs

While it is Friday, the universal signal to take a deep sigh of relief and let the hair down, I am asking for us all not to forget the CBS 48 hours airing of “Bullying – Words Can Kill” scheduled for 8/7c.   This video so far has cause for extreme interest for those experiencing [...]

EyeGuardian’s Free Beta Trial Warmly Received

  Hot off the press — It seems everyone loves EyeGuardian’s ability to “see” (to watch) facebook profiles of you and your kids –- making it easy and quick to detect naughty and inappropriate images, anything from that ugly swimsuit photo to some cyberporn someone posted on your Facebook wall. EyeGuardian software is catching rave [...]