Monthly Archives: November 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for EyeGuardian for Facebook!

  Facebook is a favorite in my home. I have two of the most social teenagers and it always floods over digitally and many of those social interactions, I have a feeling, started on Facebook first. I used to think that perhaps my kiddos were a bit abnormal always talking about who posted what and [...]

Tips for the Friday After Facebook!

It’s Friday and the Friday after the recent attack of visual vulgarities on Facebook. According to, the attacks were carried out with links, videos and images that were inappropriate in content as well as many doctored images of celebrities. The attacks were all in direct violation of Facebook’s usage policies and the site’s spokesperson, [...]

Evaluate. Innovate. Collaborate.

  It’s always a pleasure to venture to the conferences and shows within your specific industry, however, the Family Online Safety Institute 2011 Conference and Exhibition, Evaluate. Innovate. Collaborate. Strategies for Safe and Healthy Online Use, thus far has been quite an impactful congregation of the best in the child and technology industry. FOSI’s CEO, [...]

EyeGuardian Goes to FOSI Conference and Exhibition

ImageVision is proud to announce they will be at the Family Online Safety institute’s (FOSI) fourth annual conference and exhibition. We are proud to be a part of learning and sharing all we can about keeping our children safe online. We hope to offer our very best of digital protections, as well as, to come [...]

COPPA, Kermit and Facebook

If according to released just last year, there are 20 million minors on Facebook and 7.5 million of those were younger than the required 13 yrs. of age for setting up an account, and then 5 million of those children were younger than 10 yrs. old, where were the parents and what is the [...]