Monthly Archives: January 2013

APP Chat – Instagram Review For Parents

    Due to the recent Vine controversy, I thought perhaps parents might want or need additional information about the applications children might be using with their smartphones. I am an iOS user, and this means my experiences are based on my options of what is accessible through the Apple app store and user options [...]

Should XXX Porn Star Be Allowed To Teach?

You can read the statistics about the amount of individuals or companies using Facebook or you can listen to your kids when they iterate how the day went with comments like “then she posted it on Facebook and everybody saw it” if you want to know just how important social media is. However, recent reports [...]

Happy New Year From EyeGuardian for Facebook!

Happy New Year EyeGuardian for Facebook Enthusiasts! We are happy that you have chosen to explore the features or options of the EyeGuardian for Facebook application. Although previous users may already know some of the tips provided in this blog, I wanted to offer some quick tips and links to get you going. Before you [...]