Should XXX Porn Star Be Allowed To Teach?

You can read the statistics about the amount of individuals or companies using Facebook or you can listen to your kids when they iterate how the day went with comments like “then she posted it on Facebook and everybody saw it” if you want to know just how important social media is. However, recent reports indicate that those Facebook posts are way more memorable than we realize.

Microblogs or social media posts such as “Status” updates hang around in our memory way longer than faces or sentences from books according to a study by Laura Mickes and colleagues from the University of California San Diego. When tested, it seems that these brief posts or musings from our friends and family trigger the most basic language capacity of our mind with reader comments being the most memorable. At over 30 million posts being made an hour, including your favorite brands, this social thinking albeit shortened complete idea way of sharing is more meaningful than just something to do.


The importance of a posting can go many ways though. Let’s face it, we know that kids share too much, people make intoxicated posts and the ads on our pages are abundant. But what happens to those posts when we no longer mean what we meant “back then” when the posts were made?




News just this morning says that an intermediate schoolteacher who previously had a career in the porn industry lost her appeal towards the school she was fired from. The commission that made the decision to no longer allow her to work as a teacher in their school stated that even though she didn’t work in the industry while teaching, the content is still out there and will be forever.


Although one side of the coin may believe that we all have the right to become or do differently than our previous actions, even some kiddos get the idea that posting such content isn’t a great idea as it was a group of her students that found the content and shared it with school administrators.


Some youngsters are even making and sharing memes letting others know that “sexting” may not be a good idea. Some of the memes popping up around the web are pictures with text that have taken on a viral status with captions such as, “hey girls, your boobs, belong in your shirt.” While this may be one attempt to get a message to the masses, the same method is being used to cyberbully others online.


Remember what you or your kids posts are never fully deleted from the Internet, if you don’t remember this, others will.



What are your thoughts? Should the XXX porn star be allowed to teach?

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