Updates in EyeGuardian!

Hello EyeGuardian Friends!


As promised we have some new and updated features to help sort the content that gets shared on your child’s Facebook page.


Previously, we scanned and showed you all of the content related to your child’s Facebook account on the same report, only to be separated by Suspect content or all content.

Although we feel that any content associated with your child’s Facebook account or any content your child has access to via pages they “Like” is important, we listened to our subscribers for a better more organized way of understanding what’s happening on their child’s Facebook page.


EyeGuardian now organizes the content associated with your child’s Facebook page first by what they have directly shared and or received THEN by what content may be indirectly associated with their page.


When you log in to your EyeGuardian account and then go to your Dashboard, choose a profile you would like to view. Once in that person’s profile, notice that the “Wall” box is unchecked.


This means that the content that comes up, is content your child has participated in or has directly received. This can further be filtered by what they are sharing that may be “Suspect” by checking the “Suspect Only” box.





If you want to understand what your child’s overall Facebook page has on it, be sure to re-check the “Wall” box and EyeGuardian will bring in everything that has happened on your child’s Facebook page.




Both ways of looking at content can be applied to Images and Messages. In other words, if you just want to see the messages your child directly shared or the images your child has directly shared, EyeGuardian will automatically do this when you open up the profile of that child. If you want to see all content that is associated with your child’s Facebook page, be certain to check the “Wall” box!






Scan Profile Now Feature!


Typically, EyeGuardian will scan a Facebook profile every 24 hours for inappropriate content such as foul language, threatening language associated with cyberbullying, sexually explicit language, suicidal speech, and all images shared.


However, sometimes the 24 hr wait is too long and you need to know what content has been shared immediately. When you need it, EyeGuardian can scan one of your profiles and return the most recent of shared content whether images or private Chat messages. For a limited time, the Scan Profile Now feature is free for subscribers, so give it a try!



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