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Teens, Sexting & Punishment? What do you think?

Let’s talk cellphones, sexting and teens. There is a lot in the media about sexting. Every topic from teens committing suicide over sexting issues, to adults sharing inappropriate visuals with youths. But, here’s my question, when sexting remains between youths only, what does it mean and who’s the more responsible or accountable party, the sender [...]

App Chat – Snapchat, Are Your Kids On It?

        Parents, its been in the news and the buzz is that Snapchat can be used by teens to aid in private sexting sessions. Available in the Apple App store and on Google play, Snapchat is available for Android and iOS devices and is an image sharing app where images can be [...]

App Chat: Are Your kids on Skype?

This week’s App Chat is focused on the Skype application. Again, because I am an iphone user, my experiences with the Skype application are based on how I explored the app through my smartphone and then I visited the online version as using a smartphone, subscribers to Skype can contact anyone with the app phone [...]

Updates in EyeGuardian!

Hello EyeGuardian Friends!   As promised we have some new and updated features to help sort the content that gets shared on your child’s Facebook page.   Previously, we scanned and showed you all of the content related to your child’s Facebook account on the same report, only to be separated by Suspect content or [...]

What Do You Like to “Like”, Snack Cakes for Me Apparently!

  In Facebook’s recently filed amendment to its S-1 documents submitted the to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the world of social sharing just did some massive calculating. According to the amendment, there are more and more individuals signing up for the service and digitally being social. The Huff Post Tech wrote in giving some [...]

Social Networking is Physical/Mental/Emotional

Do you feel the need to constantly check your Facebook page?  People are spending countless hours on social media websites and it seems there is a scientific reason for it! According to PCMag.com writer Leslie Horn in Study Finds Chemical Reason Behond Facebook ‘Addiction’, researchers identified both psychophysiological and physical responses of people who are [...]

Cyberbaiting Bad Videos Not

We’ve been asked to do many interviews about the newest form of cyberbullying happening online and I thought it only appropriate to give parents or subscribers some information on the dangerous new trend with social networking.   Cyberbaiting – While in the classroom, students bait teachers into losing control of their classroom in order to [...]

Facebook NOT an Organized Meeting Spot!!!

I am sure that no one could have imagined that social media sites would turn into a place where teenagers throw morality out the window in exchange for a digital hug, or a meeting place for organized crime. Yet, every day a quick Google news search relays stories about just those types of stories and [...]

E-Gift It!

EyeGuardian for Christmas, the perfect E-gift! With less than a week, perhaps you’re wondering what to get the moms in your soccer car-pool, or maybe the other parents in church group? How about the poker dads out there or your coworkers? Well in a recent hustle and bustle to get things bought, wrapped and placed [...]

Visual Recognition Technology and EyeGuardian for Facebook

EyeGuardian was present for the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop on facial recognition software. Discussed in the workshop were several topics such as facial recognition for advertising, safety and the implications of using it in public places. I have to admit that, the technology showcased was quite impressive. Using facial recognition, companies are able to scan a [...]